Venetian Stone Works Life Time Warranty covers marble, Quartz, granite Coutertops


STEP 1  COMPLIMENTARY In-home Design Consultation
Venetian Stone Works consults with you on your marble, quartzite, granite, or quartz countertops

WE LISTEN and learn about the vision you have for your home. It is our goal to make that vision a reality. In order for us to bring that vision to life, it is vital that we listen and learn about the exact details of your project. It is our goal to cover everything: colors, sizing, placement, budgets, time frames, and most importantly, expectations. Your complete comfort and total confidence are assured from start to finish

WE MEASURE the area of your project down to the exact centimeter. Your vision deserves to be perfect and we make it our duty to make sure that every aspect of the job is measured. Our courteous and knowledgeable experts will work around your schedule to find the right time to take the required measurements. We will also work with any unusual spaces or special requirements that you may have.

Venetian Stone Works measures your marble, quartzite, granite, or quartz countertops

WE EDUCATE you on what Venetian Stone Works is all about. It is our principle to share our philosophy and values with our clients when it comes to home improvement. During our collaboration, you will learn more about our values of quality and diligent work detail, as well as the nature of various types of stones, their origins, uses, and care. When you learn more about us, your confidence is assured.

Venetian Stone Works gives you insite on choosing your marble, quartzite, granite, or quartz countertops
STEP 2  COMPLIMENTARY SESSION We show you exactly what your project will look like on any slab in our studio

ENJOY A 1 ON 1 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE  with one of our experts. They will guide you through our selection of hundreds of exotic slabs, helping you find the inspiration to envision the goal you have in mind. Our studio allows you to see for yourself the exotic detail of each individual stone. Our experts are always on hand to provide you with valuable insight about each stone‚Äôs characteristics. At our location, you have the freedom to explore the various options available to you and your project. While you explore our gallery, be sure to enjoy some refreshing tea or coffee.

WE VALUE ENGINEER your project. We have trained and experience professionals who take pride in making the vision in your mind become a reality that you can touch. Our experts know how to stay on time and within budget. We want you to know what goes into completing your project. The values that have as a company go into each and every project that we do. When it comes to stone cutting, measuring, spacing, and placement, the quality that our experts display on each project are second to none. You can place your trust in the skilled hands of our experts.

BEFORE ANY COMMITMENT, our expert will sit with you to prepare an artistic layout of your stone choices side-by-side so you can see exactly how it will be laid out in your project. This will ensure you are completely confident of your choice.

YOUR READY! From this point, you pick your best date and in as little as 7 days we remove your old countertop and install your brand new one!

Venetian Stone Works shows you exactly what your marble, quartzite, granite, or quartz countertop project will look like.
Venetian Stone Works shows you exactly what your marble, quartzite, granite, or quartz countertop project will look like.

Covered For Life !

Venetian Stone Works has the best Marble, Quartz and Granite countertops in Seattle!

WASHINGTON: 425.486.1234 ~ 16110 Wood-Red Rd. NE, #6, Woodinville, WA 98072

CALIFORNIA: 916.368.5700 ~ 9931 Horn Rd., Sacramento, CA 95827

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